Pick a Day, Any Day

We’ve all done this. We promise ourselves that “someday” I’ll get serious about saving for retirement. “Someday” I’ll start to exercise regularly. “Someday” I’ll go back to school. “Someday” I’ll finally start that business I’ve always dreamed about.

But for many of us “someday” never comes. What is the difference between people who actually make things happen and people who continually dream about making changes, but never actually make a change? Is it simple procrastination or is it something deeper? I believe it is the latter.

Procrastination or Something Else?

I teach a class that I call Optimal 24. It’s based on a DiSC personality assessment that helps each individual participant answer the question of what attitudes am I carrying around and how do those attitudes impact my ability to make progress in achieving the things I want/need to achieve. After completing the research based self-assessment, participants get a window in to how they view their power in the world. This individual view point determines whether a person is likely to take a passive or an active approach in controlling the adverse situations that all of us experience. People with the more passive view can risk not being proactive enough in setting priorities and executing plans. People with the more active approach can risk thinking they can do the impossible.

After completing the self-assessment, people realize how their own perspectives impact their ability to take action to accomplish tasks and achieve goals. With this new understanding, most participants begin to see how they are self-sabotaging their efforts – at work, with family, and in their personal lives.

Can I really achieve my goals?

The answer is unequivocally – yes! The key is deciding what goals you most want to achieve and deciding what habits you need to adopt to support the achievement of these goals. Then you need to create a success plan that identifies the tasks you must perform on that path to goal achievement. The final step is learning to master your own behavior, so you choose to spend your time pursuing things that matter the most to you, so you don’t allow the mundane seemingly urgent details of life to consume your waking hours.


Pick a Day – Any Day Is a Good Day to Meet Your Goals

You, and only you, can make those “someday” goals a reality. My challenge to you is to pick a day – any day. But get started. Time is the one thing we can’t put in the bank. To receive a list of steps to get you started, sign up here.



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