The Manage U Solution

Do you know what truly motivates you? Do you know what stresses you out and holds you back?

Have you ever wondered why connecting with some people is easier than connecting with others? Or maybe you find you gravitate toward people who focus on collaboration and supporting others.

You might enjoy spending time and working with people who approach life and work by taking a more easy-going approach. Or you may prefer to keep things more formal with others until they gain your trust. 

Let's face it. As wonderful as life is - it is challenging. Dealing with the ups and downs of our individual lives while simultaneously dealing with the people in our live (both at work AND at home) can be - well - problematic. 

What if you could find a tool that could help you put it all in to perspective? What if this tool could help you get a handle on reasons shy you do the things you do? And what if this tool could help you figure out how to interact better with co-workers, prospects, AND the people that matter the most to us.

Welcome to Everything DiSC. Everything DiSC has been providing people with concrete information that can be used to improve their self awareness. With this new understand people increase their effectiveness and achieve more of the things that matter. And they connect better and build more effective relationships in every facet of their life.

The Manage U Solution is based on the cornerstone principles of Everything DiSC. It is designed to give you that little boost that you need. 

For this program we use the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile which is a research validated assessment that provides a specific profile to help you explore the priorities that drive you and identifies three key strategies to improve your effectiveness with other styles. Key takeaways from this program include the following.

  • Explore how styles affect the priorities that drive yourself and others;
  • Develop a plan to make the most of the things that motivate you and to minimize situations that trigger negative reactions and hold you back
  • Understand other styles and discover how to improve your interactions with other people at work and a home;
  • Create an action plan for common challenges in dealing with people of different styles; and
  • Learn the skill of people reading by learning to spot behavioral clues that point to DiSC styles to help you implement your action plan in life and at work.

Manage U includes the assessment profile, a 30 minute coaching session with a DiSC professional and unlimited access to which provides ongoing insight to help you take the DiSC results into your daily life.

All DiSC style and priorities are equally valuable and everyone is a blend of all four styles. The 20 page assessment looks at what is importance to you, how you react under pressure, what you fear, and how you can improve your communications with others. Make the most of those things that are uniquely you - so you can learn to manage the most important asset you have - wonder, unique YOU!


Who Benefits From This Program

  • Individuals who take ownership of their life and success
  • Individuals whose employer recognizes the value of building a culture of empowered performers
  • Individuals that strive to meet their goals and make the most of their lives
  • Individuals who want to make the most of their personal and professional relationships and opportunities 

Sample Report

The Manage U Solution


Manage U includes the assessment profile, and a 30 minute debrief with an Everything DiSC facilitator where you form an action plan and receive guidance on how to leverage the portal which provides tools to carry the DiSC results into your daily interactions with others.