DiSC and our Founder

I named my site “Everyday DiSC” because of the impact the Everything DiSC model has had on my everyday life. Whether at work, at home, or in the community – I am a better communicator, team player, mother, wife, and neighbor as a result of what I have been able to learn about human behavior from the first time I was introduced to the DiSC model. Read on to learn why…

No one would ever accuse me of having natural emotional intelligence. I am often misunderstood, judged to be haughty or aloof. Labeled as all knowing, somehow superior. In reality I am none of these things.

I am however, direct, opinionated, strong willed, and forceful. I come to a conclusion quickly – maybe too quickly. And many people are put off by this.

I always wondered why. Then as a young woman in who had ventured in to direct selling, I discovered this short little questionnaire called DiSC. At that time it was a paper instrument only. This early self assessment instrument was based on the book “Emotions of Normal People”.

The assessment is based on four behavior styles based on whether one views their environment as favorable or antagonistic and whether one has a strong bias towards action or deliberation.

After I took this assessment I discovered that I had a strong bias toward action and viewed the environment as antagonistic. By learning how this behavior impacted others who were more inclined to favor behaviors opposite of my preferred behaviors, I gradually realized that with slight modifications I could drastically improve my interpersonal encounters and my life.

Today this self assessment has developed into a simple to use too that uses individual data to provide insights in to your priorities and preferences. Customized reports provide insight that helps you connect better with others whose priorities and preferences are different that your own.

Contact me to learn how this tool can help you.