Karla Williams


I help goal oriented, success minded, intellectually curious people understand how to get the most out of their life by helping them understand what holds them back and what pushes them forward so they can have the life they truly desire.

How Did I Get Here?

I started my first business when I was 18 years old. It was network marketing and I sold home accessories to the newlyweds who I worked with in my after-school job at the mall out of my college dorm room. That lasted for a few years, but I eventually gave up because I ran through all my friends at the mall who needed home accessories. 

I graduated from college, moved to the big city and was doing well as a professional. But something was missing - I was bored. So I because a Mary Kay consultant. While I didn't make Mary Kay my career, it did change my life. It taught me that yes - I want my own business - but no I like helping people meet their goals more than I like selling products. A few years later - I started my first consulting business selling services and staffing to large organizations. That business really took off and supported me and my family for nearly 20 years, and employed more than 100 people.

But something was missing. I wan't making a difference. I wasn't helping to empower other people. Realizing that my strength is not in managing a big enterprise - but in helping others gain the skills that they need to excel, I took a job at a corporate university for the Department of Defense. There I taught up and coming business advisors on the proper way to engage in business transactions on behalf of the US taxpayer. I love regulations so for a long time this was good and fulfilling. After several years, I realized that even though I was transferring important knowledge to young professionals - I really wasn't teaching people to excel or to be their best. What we didn't teach at the university were the skills that are needed to deliver truly transformational results - the soft squishy skills that repel so many people - but that really are at the root of most business failures. We didn't teach our students to communicate effectively, to recognize how their viewpoints impacted their ability to solve problems with their colleagues which requires an effective approach to conflict - and we never dealt with conflict. The satisfaction and positive feedback I got from my students on the few occasions when I actually got an opportunity to deal with communications, problem solving, and conflict as a facilitator became too intoxicating to remain something that I only did occasionally.

Our Method

In order to be our most productive we must understand ourselves. This self understanding highlights what motivates us and what we fear most. When we understand what motivates, what stresses us out, and how those factors form the underlying basis for our actions and decisions - we can begin to plan to accommodate these factors so our changes of success are improved. This applies in every aspect of our lives - both as individuals and as members of organizations or teams. So all of our programs beginning with participants completing the applicable Everything DiSC assessment. Each assessment generates a personalized report with information and suggestions designed to help individuals put their Everything DiSC insights in to action freeing them to explore their potential and be their best selves both professionally and personally.

We believe chose the Everything DiSC because it has been scientifically validated to be useful, accurate and reliable based on psychometric standards in the scientific community. This personalized approach allows us to consult with every client on a personal level that makes the learning experience truly transformational. 

Why Everyday DiSC?

I named my site "Everyday DiSC" because of the impact the Everything DiSC model has had on my everyday life. Whether at work, at home, or in the community - I am a better communicator, team player, mother, wife, and neighbor as a result of what I have been able to learn about human behavior from the first time I was introduced to the DiSC model..

No one would ever accuse me of having natural emotional intelligence. I am often misunderstood, judged to be haughty or aloof. Labeled as all knowing, somehow superior. In reality I am none of these things.

I am however, direct, opinionated, strong willed, and forceful. I come to a conclusion quickly - maybe too quickly. And many people are put off by this.

I always wondered why. Then as a young woman in who had ventured in to direct selling, I discovered this short little questionnaire called DiSC. At that time it was a paper instrument only. This early self assessment instrument was based on the book "Emotions of Normal People".  This assessment is based on four behavior styles that measures, among other things, whether one views their environment as favorable or antagonistic and whether one has a strong bias towards action or deliberation.

After I took this assessment I discovered that I had a strong bias toward action and viewed the environment as antagonistic. By learning how this behavior impacted others who were more inclined to favor behaviors opposite of my preferred behaviors, I gradually realized that with slight modifications I could drastically improve my interpersonal encounters and my life.

Today this self assessment has developed into a simple to use too that uses individual data to provide insights in to one's priorities and preferences. The paper assessment has undergone continuous improvement as part of the John Wiley family of tools and is now based on scientifically validated psychometric data. The reports provide reliable and amazingly accurate insights that help people understand why they do the things that they do. And these insights also help people begin to understand others whose priorities and preferences are different that their own. Change occurs. Lives, businesses, relationships and outcomes are improved.

My Commitment to You

It is my joy to help other goal oriented people who understand the importance of self awareness learn new strategies to be more effective professionally and personally. You can count on Everyday DiSC to bring you effective, motivational, and helpful strategies to improve our life.

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